Origins and Aims

After two decades of delivering team building and leadership training for the corporate sector, Monty Halls now has a young family and a new outlook. Increasingly concerned by the affects the modern world on young people’s mental health and prospects, he realised that the skills he had been teaching can, and should, be instilled at an early age.

Many organisations are already working toward better mental health, skills development and prospects for young people. We’re not trying to replace these organisations, but why not practice what we preach, and work together? We see The Interface as a place where those working toward a common goal can come together to collaborate, share ideas and best practices, receive updates and the latest news.


  1. Identify the skills that relate to emotional intelligence, good mental health and improved prospects for young people.
  2. Bring together the people and organisations already working to develop these skills in the next generation.
  3. Discuss, collaborate, and share ideas and best practices through the Interface Forum – communicate in a genuine, effective way to achieve our shared goals.
  4. Develop solutions to the loss of these skills often seen in young people and explore how they can be used in collaboration with digital skills.


Read more about how it works.

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